Solar Thermal Technology
NetPLUS Concepts' WaveTop© solar collector line is the only known thermally-activated technology to provide space heating and domestic hot water, air conditioning, refrigeration as well as being able to meet many medium-temperature process heating requirements up to 350°F. Using supercritical CO2 as a working fluid, electricity is generated at a lower price point than competing technologies.

Intelligent Integration

Coupled with low cost thermal storage, a user-programmable control system is in development which will allow time-of-day or meter-driven signals to shift the energy collected to the most cost-effective device. This helps the utilities with load-balancing while enabling consumers to capitalize on time-of-use pricing and other incentives.


Traditional solar collectors (phototvoltaic)  convert sunlight into electricity which can then be used to meet heat and hot water demands. NetPLUS Concepts' technology reverses this process using heat to meet thermal requirements as well as electrical generation providing the consumer with complete control over their energy costs.

Product features - at a glance.
Our integrated roof and wall mount panel designs use industry standard 16" and 24" mounting. This lowers your construction costs while increasing aesthetic appeal.
The higher temperature collector models can be special ordered with stainless steel tubing for use in applications such as food processing or water purification.
Borosilicate glass is employed throughout the product line to reduce tube breakage.
By leveraging federal and state incentives, along with utility cost avoidance factored in, most installations will see a payback period of less than seven years!

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