The Case for Thermal Energy
Heat is one of the most abundant renewable energy sources available. It can easily be captured
to produce useful work and can therefore provide significant reductions in energy consumption
and expenses. Alternative energy policy and purchase discussions, however, have largely been focused on solar (photovoltaic) and wind power, ignoring inherently clean thermal technologies.


In the Philippines and Iceland, geothermal energy is successfully supplying 27% and 30%, respectively, of their energy needs.
A recently discovered geothermal site in West Virginia could potentially generate more electricity than all of the state's coal-fired plants combined.

Waste Heat

Industrial waste heat is loosely defined as energy which industries purchase but can't fully utilize and instead dissipate as heat.
While the exact amounts are difficult to quantify, studies indicate that as much as 50% of the industrial energy purchased is lost as waste heat.

Image courtesy of SunMaxx Solar
SunMaxx recently installed a 46 collector (1,380 tube) array designed to provide more than 40% of the Westin Resorts hotel’s domestic water heating needs. Worldwide, evacuated tube technology enjoys wide customer acceptance with approximately 10 million units per month being installed.

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