Changing Grid Dynamics
Globally, the power industry is racing to adapt as the developed world transitions to cleaner ways
to produce energy and hard pressed consumers demand (and need) much more control over their energy expenses. Enhanced designs allow electricity produced by new technologies and outside of
central generating plants to be efficiently inserted, monitored and shared across the network.

Localized Generation

Distributed generation (DG) equipment moves electricity production closer to the point of consumption, thereby reducing the 6.5% losses incurred during transmission. As of 2005, the most recent year for which data is available, approximately 12 million DG installations delivered an aggregate capacity of nearly 200 GW.

Energy Economics

As electricity rates rise, consumers seek to reduce costs by pursuing more aggressive conservation measures or by producing some portion of the energy they require. Installing solar (thermal or photovoltaic) wind, industrial waste heat recovery, and geothermal systems allows end users to fix their costs.

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In many areas, a 1,000 square foot solar thermal array will collect 1,000,000 BTUs per day when averaged across one year.

This array would supply sufficient space heating and hot water for a well-insulated home to meet an average family's needs.

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